XceleranCC Payment Processing

Getting started is pretty simple and usually takes 1 to 2 business days. (If you already have a GPI/OpenEdge merchant account, don't go any further. Back out of this process and contact us.)

  • Step 1 – Request a Merchant Account from Global Payments Integrated (GPI) by completing the form and clicking submit.
  • Step 2 – A GPI representative will contact you (typically within 1 business day) and collect basic business and financial information as well as establish your plan details.
  • Step 3 – GPI will provide Xceleran your account “Credentials” which are coded into your Virtual Terminal and software and tested to ensure payments are processed properly.

If you need other card processing device options your Xceleran team will assist you.

Note: after you complete the form below and tap Submit, your information may disappear from the form. Don't worry - that's normal.

Again, if your information disappeared after you tapped Submit that is normal. Your information will have been received and somebody should be in touch with you within one business day.

When you are finished, simply tap in the top right corner of the screen to navigate back to the application.